About the Author

RANDY Hlavac

Randy Hlavac is the President of Marketing Synergy and an instructor of Social and Mobile Marketing at Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois.  Randy is a recognized thought leader in Social Marketing Strategies and Digital Marketing and is a speaker on social marketing, mobile marketing and social monitoring across the world.

Marketing Synergy, Inc [MSI] is a consultancy which specializes in integrating social and mobile programs with the sales and marketing systems of a company.  This allows the company to measure the business impact of their digital marketing programs to determine the role social and mobile play in building relationships and moving prospects to customers.  Marketing Synergy started in 1990 and has worked with business [B2B] and consumer [B2C] organizations ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 100.  In addition to consulting, Randy performs training seminars on a broad range of direct, social and mobile marketing as well as how best to manage relationships using KPIs, performance funnels, tracking systems, and marketing databases.

In addition to being President of Marketing Synergy, Randy has taught marketing and marketing management in the Medill Integrated Marketing Communications [IMC] program at Northwestern University.  Currently, Randy teaches Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing to the graduate full-time, graduate part-time, graduate Online and Undergraduate students in the IMC programs.  Randy’s class has been highlighted by The Wall Street Journal and uses actual clients to teach students how to design, develop, deploy and measure social and mobile marketing programs.

The courses use Randy’s digital marketing book – Social IMC – Social Strategies with Bottom-line ROI.   Designed for both business and education, the book outlines the 3 strategies used by companies today to impact target markets using social and mobile technologies.  The book gives you the goals, metrics, methodologies, and best practices to build high impact, measurable social marketing programs linked to your sales and marketing systems.  The book is available in print or electronic versions through Amazon.  It is a “hands on” digital marketing book designed to immediately impact your social marketing strategy for your high value markets.

As a Lecturer, Hlavac has also made immense contributions to Northwestern’s teaching and learning technologies. He is currently helping prototype distance learning at the university, and is participating in a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Content Strategy for Professionals.  In addition, Randy is also the Director of the OmniChannel Institute at Northwestern University.  The OmniChannel Institute is dedicated to finding the best social, mobile, and real-time marketing and marketing management software tools to help educate the undergraduate and graduate marketers at Northwestern.  The OmniChannel Institute currently works with IBM, Adobe, and SaleForce to incorporate their marketing and marketing automation systems into the curricula in the Northwestern Medill IMC programs.

Randy Hlavac is a member of the board of the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing and is a participant in IBM’s Academic Initiative program. He is a frequent speaker on social, web, and database marketing at conferences across the globe. He also blogs on social marketing and social strategies and has authored an authoritative text on the topics, Social IMC.