For Educators

How do you teach a subject where revolution occurs daily?

While you cannot deny the impact of social media and mobile technologies. It is difficult to teach at the high school, undergrad or graduate level. New social sites and technologies spring up daily as younger people move from one site to another on a continual basis.

Social IMC provides you with a way to provide your students with the skills and knowledge they need toSocial IMC Judy approach social marketing today and in the future. Unlike many books, it approaches social with the following perspective:

  • Structured for Education – This book was developed in conjunction with my work as a consultant at Marketing Synergy as well as through my teaching at Northwestern. It parallels the way I teach social to graduates and undergraduates during a quarter. It is made to work in an educational environment.
  •  Holistic Approach – Because new technologies are always being developed, this book classifies all social sites in terms of what they provide to businesses and people. As a result, when new social sites are developed, you and your students simply add them to their holistic view rather than changing the social strategies you are teaching. It is designed to accommodate and manage change.
  • Global Focus – Social IMC presents case studies from throughout the world. It has proven, effective social programs from every continent.
  • Proven strategies – The strategies developed in the book are shown using examples from across the world. Most are YouTube videos allowing your students to see both the strategy in action and the results it produced for the company.

Social IMC is a great book to use to teach social and mobile marketing. Its easy-to-read, multimedia approach makes social strategies come alive for your students.

In addition, if you make Social IMC a part of your curriculum, the author – Randy Hlavac who is a Lecturer Professor at Northwestern University – will be happy to schedule a Skype session for your class to talk about social and mobile marketing. In addition, he will email you a sample syllabus so you can best integrate Social IMC into your course curriculum.

If you would like to see a free syllabus or want to learn more, send an email through Northwestern.  Go to Medill IMC to find my vita.