Online Education

AI-Driven Content Marketing

Coming soon.  The first of 3 AI-Driven Digital Marketing series, this online course is designed to tackle the most important way to build traffic and sales to your site.  The course shows you how to use ChatGPT and the new Google Page Ranking system to offer new content twice a month to build your business.  Learn how to drive your business using advanced AI!

AI-Driven Strategic Planning

Coming soon.  The second in our AI-Accelerated Marketing with ChatGPT will focus on how to use ChatGPT to develop your business strategy, perform competitive analyses and learn how to overcome competitive disadvantages and capitalize on sources of competitive advantage..

AI-Driven Hero Strategies

Coming soon.  To best grow market share, you need to create events, contests or content that is truly AWESOME to your target markets.  This online course will show you how to grow market share using insights from ChatGPT and how to increase customer satisfaction with great help content

Northwestern Social Media Marketing Specialization

One of the largest social media marketing online programs in the world, the Northwestern Social Media Marketing Specialization explores the major strategies and tactics used by companies today to build their businesses.  The program consists of 5 MOOCs [Major Open Online Classes] which explore the strategies, tactics, and methodologies used to build effective, profitable social media marketing programs.  During each MOOC, participants are given free social analytics tools, templates, and expert videos to help them build social media marketing programs tailored to their specific market and specific target audience.  It is a global online educational program which is structured to tailor itself to your goals.

At the end of the program, students receive a Certificate of Completion from Northwestern University and can have potential employers call the University to confirm their course certification.  Take a look at one of the most successful social media marketing online programs.  The Northwestern Social Media Marketing Specialization.  Learn more and enroll HERE

Northwestern Content Strategy for Professionals

Designed by John Lavine – former Dean of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media and Integrated Marketing Communications [IMC] – this highly successful online program is designed to provide you the tools, skills and knowledge to create high impact content to attract, engage and – ultimately sell – your high value prospects and leads.  It is a hands-on program which challenges you to improve your business or your startup plan with every video.  Hear from experts in content, communication and marketing in the effective online program.  Learn more about the Northwestern Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization.  See more HERE