Strategy 1 – Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing Strategy

The Engagement Marketing Strategy is the strategy most likely used by companies today.  While it is effective in engaging a broad target audience, it’s lack of a “call to action” means the audience member does not do anything to build a relationship with your organization.  While they do “friend” your social networking page, there is no link between them and you to make the relationship personal or 1-to-1.  As a result, you don’t really know if you are talking to prospects, customers, competitors or just opportunity seekers looking for a discount or sale [the two reasons most people “friend” a company].

The following are case examples for your review.  The first are examples from the Social IMC book.  There are also a couple of newer examples for your use.  Remember, engagement marketing produces an anonymous relationship with the target audience member so the company cannot track the relationship nor determine the ROI from this strategy.


Other Interesting Engagement Marketing Efforts

Honda Pintermission
Honda CRV- Honda Shoe String Pintrest Campaign – February 2013

Honda Pintermission on PinterestPintermission 2 article behind the work- Pintermission

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