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If you were looking for a great example of a highly successful Engagement Marketing program, look no further than Old Spice Manly Man.  It hit their target market and was “awesome” enough to go viral quickly.  Notice their broad target market [women who date a man or are married to one], their lack of a call to action, and their use of Awesome content.  Also, notice their omnichannel approach to engaging their markets.

First, watch the mini educational video for an overview on the entire program then watch the specific examples.

Old Spice Manly Man Mini Educational Video

This mini educational video overviews the components in the Manly Man program and the excellent way Old Spice uses multi-media to connect and activate its target market.


“The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” – Original Commercial

This is the commercial which started it all.  It is a great example of Awesome content which was unique, visual, appealing to their target audience and fun to watch.  It made a huge impact and quickly went viral.  At the end of this video, note they do have some sales numbers but remember they were also heavily using coupons and point-of-purchase & in-store specials to augment those numbers.  The results were more from couponing than being driven directly by this program.

Old Spice Response Case Study

One of the most interesting things Old Spice did was to directly engage their target audience using social media.  The asked their visitors on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to submit to them questions for the Manly Man.  They then shot videos to answer them.  Notice they do not actually know the individuals who submitted them…just the question they asked.  It is personal but not a 1-to-1 relationship.



Manly Music
Old Spice quickly followed up with their original advertisements with social videos and advertisements to keep the viral action happening.  Here is one of their follow-up advertisements.  Really fun to watch.


Old Spice is probably the best and most complete example of the Engagement Strategy.  Very useful case study.  There are more videos on YouTube and Vimeo if you want to see more of the program.  They are also active on Old Spice and other Facebook, web, and Twitter social media sources.  See if you can find all of the social media used by them today.



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