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While there are many books on digital & social marketing, most focus on a single social site like Facebook, a single strategy like blogging, or a single strategy like Engagement.  While these approaches are useful, many social sites start, grow and then disappear.  The key to building a successful social strategy is not to focus on social networking sites but, rather, focus on your high value markets and learn what they are doing and where they are going in the social “cloud”.   Develop a deep consumer insight for each of your high value markets and you can then develop the best business strategy using social & mobile technologies.

From big insights to proven digital marketing strategies

The digital marketing book – Social IMC – starts with an overview of the most common misconceptions executives and entrepreneurs have about social and mobile marketing.  Each misconception discusses a problem which limits your ability to use social profitably.  Understanding these misconceptions gives you a clearer picture of how consumers use social and mobile technologies and the best way you can deploy a social strategy to grow market share, build better relationships and make new technologies integral part of your business strategy.

Learn how to get them and keep them coming back

Social IMC is more than a theoretical discussion of social marketing strategies.  It not only discusses the strategy, it gives you the methodologies, tips, and tools you need to design, develop, justify, and deploy your social and mobile marketing strategies.  Social IMC is a “how to” book for senior managers wishing to improve their business strategy as well as hands-on managers who are tasked with developing a digital strategy with provable results.

In addition to the “how to” methodologies, Social IMC also gives you tips on how to both acquire your target markets using social and keep them coming back over and over again.  In Social IMC, you will explore how to use gamification and other involvement techniques to make your social programs more engaging over time.  You will be shown free social monitoring tools you can use to find important influencers to help you get to your high value prospects.  You will also learn about free social tools to help you better understand what your high value markets are discussing and the hash tags and keywords they use to engage with each other.  Social IMC gives you the tools, insights, strategies and methodologies you need to design, develop and deploy social programs with solid profitability and meaningful ROI.  It is a digital marketing book designed to help you achieve your business goals.

Overview of Social IMC – Social Strategies with Bottom-Line ROI

Social IMC looks at the three strategies businesses are using to drive their social marketing programs.  The book is structured to explore each strategy in terms of the relationship it builds, the metrics it provides a business, and the key to success.  The strategy is then analyzed to show the methodology to develop, deploy, and measure it.

Social IMC concludes with a chapter showing how to develop a realistic budget, create a performance funnel to determine the KPIs [Key Performance Indicators] to manage the program, and how to calculate the key metrics senior management will need to approve your social marketing plan.  By the end of the book, you will be able to justify your social marketing plan to senior management and then measure its success against the KPIs you developed in your plan.  It’s everything you need to build a measurable and effective digital marketing plan for your high value target markets.

The following are brief descriptions of the chapters in Social IMC – Social Strategies with Bottom-line ROI.

Forward by Professor Emeritus Don Schultz – Northwestern University Medill IMC [Integrated Marketing Communications]

Professor Schultz discusses the need for digital strategies based on markets and metrics…not sites & unmeasurable investments

Chapter 1 – The Challenge is Clear

    • Chapter 1 discusses the challenges businesses and other organizations face when trying to develop and, more importantly, justify their social marketing programs.  It defines the problem and then identifies a number of key goals a business needs to develop an integrated marketing program incorporating social and mobile marketing

Chapter 2 – Understanding Social Media

    • In talking to C-level managers [CEO, CMO, CIT] and entrepreneurs, the author found there are two very different ways companies developed their social strategies.  The author found companies with measureable social programs view social from a holistic perspective
    • Chapter 2 also explores the key differences between social networks and social communities.  Understanding why social communities form, what they are seeking and how they operate gives you tremendous insight into how to use social to achieve your business objectives.

Chapter 3 – The Engagement Marketing Strategy

    • The Engagement Marketing Strategy is used by 80% of companies today.  This strategy focuses on specific social networks, concentrates on content to differentiate between comingled markets and treats each social networking site as a separate strategic element.

Chapter 4 – Engagement Marketing Case Studies

    • Social IMC shows business and consumer Engagement Marketing examples from companies around the world.

Chapter 5 – The Nurture Marketing Strategy

    • Nurture Marketing uses social to build a highly sophisticated sales and marketing program to move an individual from prospect to customer.  The reader is introduced to sophisticated social monitoring software to show how your high value target markets are using social to achieve their personal or business goals.
    • Nurture Marketing is the first of two digital strategies which build databases and provide you with a 1-to-1 relationship with your social visitors.  It also allows you to do real-time marketing and link your sales and marketing systems to provide you with bottom-line sales, revenue, and profit measures…including ROI

Chapter 6 – Nurture Marketing Strategy Case Studies

    • This chapter presents you with best-of-breed B2B and B2C marketing examples.  You will see how Nurture Marketing is very different from Engagement Marketing in terms of its use of databases, registration systems, personas, and real-time data to drive its measurable marketing program.  It is the first example of a totally trackable, real-time [marketing automation] form of social marketing.

Chapter 7 – The Social IMC Marketing Strategy

    • The most sophisticated strategy, Social IMC develops a holistic relationship with a high value market using empowerment.  Social IMC gives you the information, databases, and real-time connections you need to successfully build the high value relationships your prospects and customers deserve and desire.

Chapter 8 – Social IMC Case Studies

    • This chapter explores gives examples of how companies are deploying their Social IMC strategies for B2B and B2C commerce.  Examples include companies in China, South Africa, and the United States.
    • Mobile applications are also examined to show how mobile apps can be used to create a database-driven, real-time engagement with your high value markets

Chapter 9 – Justifying Your Social Marketing Program

    • While the strategies are different, the methodology to justify them to senior management is the same.  You need to develop a budget which incorporates the people, technology, and marketing costs, create a performance funnel to determine the KPIs required for success, develop “what if” analyses to evaluate potential outcomes for your program, and then develop the break-even and ROI metrics used by senior management to judge the viability of your program.  This chapter outlines the four steps to justify your social strategy to senior management.  The methodology also gives the marketing team key metrics they can use to evaluate their program and test new alternatives if their results don’t mirror the KPIs developed in the plan.

Chapter 10 – Which Strategy is Best for Your Organization?

    • The final chapter discusses which strategies are best for your organization.  Your diverse target markets need differentiated social strategies to match investment with likely return.   This chapter discusses the best roles for each social marketing strategy.

Social IMC is designed to be a dynamic learning system.  Within the book, you receive YouTube addresses and links to every example we use to demonstrate the three digital marketing strategies.  However, as new best-of-breed examples are found, we will add them to the Social IMC website.  This will allow you to see different and more current examples of the social strategies “at work”.  In addition, through the website, you can contact the author with questions, comments, or new examples.  Social IMC – Social Strategies with Bottom-Line ROI is not just a book but a tool you can use to educate your staff, class, or marketing team about the best social and mobile strategies to use for your different business markets.

Make your Social Marketing Investment pay off….starting today!

Your pathway to social and mobile strategies which grow market share and provide you with proven returns and profits is just a click away!  In 2015, you need to create a digital strategy that pays off every day.  Social IMC gives you the knowledge, tools, and technique you need to make your social and mobile programs an integral part of your business strategy.  Available in print and electronic versions.